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The best way to learn music, is to play music, and what better way to play then with The Beatles Guitar Project rock orchestra?

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Having a printed book of sheet music is important to the ongoing practice of beginning to advanced musicians. Transcribed and arranged accurately for The Beatles Guitar Project.

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Fall 2023

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This Audition is for Students ages 10 to 17 only. 

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“Performing with the Beatles project was one defining moments of my life and helped me realize my true passion for music and the performing arts.”

Justice Nelkin


The Beatles Guitar Project began in 2015 in Sacramento CA.  A group of Guitar Project Students were in class & it was suggested that we should learn all of the songs on the Sgt. Peppers record to perform at a recital planned for spring of 2016.  Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy opened its brand new facility in March of 2016, and performed all of Sgt. Peppers at Sac Prep’s debut recital, with a little help from our friends!
This was the first time we performed an entire Beatles record & we’ve been doing it ever since with a 40-piece rock orchestra.

The Beatles Guitar Project has performed, in their entirety:

  • 1965 Shea Stadium Set + The 1969 Rooftop Set 

  • Rubber Soul

  • Revolver

  • Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band

  • The Beatles 1968 White Album

  • Magical Mystery Tour

  • Abbey Road

  • Many Beatles hits from Help, Hard Days Nights, and Meet the Beatles

  • Yellow Submarine, Rubber Soul, Please Please Me, & Beatles For Sale.

We’ve produced fantastic special events including: The 50th Anniversary of The Beatles White Album, as well as The 50th Anniversary of Abbey Road, and Anniversary performances of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band live in concert. 
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The Trainers

Ben McClara

Mr. McClara is CEO at Sacramento Preparatory Music Academy and Artistic Director and Founder of The Beatles Guitar Project (BGP).

Michael Dale

As a teaching artist, composer/improvisor, Mr. Dale holds an MA from Mills College in Oakland. Both a pianist and woodwind specialist.

Zach Proteau

Bassist & Recording Engineer for BGP; Zack has been a professional musician on the West Coast for over 25 years.

Greg Williams

Lead Guitarist and mentor to aspiring lead guitarists in BGP; Greg has been a professional guitarist & music teacher in the Sacramento Area for over 30 years.

Hans Eberbach

Professional Guest Vocalist to BGP; Hans is a recording artist, local band leader & has toured nationally over the course of the last 30 years.

Peter Petty

Master of Ceremonies to BGP; Mr. Petty has been a Band Leader, Professional Musician, and Vocalist throughout the West Coast.

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