Beatles Guitar Project Virtual Band Membership

$40.00 on the 2nd of each month

  • Join the band and learn to play like your favorite Fab Four!
  • Get access to weekly guitar courses featuring livestream lessons, sheet music, and play-along videos.
  • Improve your guitar skills and learn the music of one of the greatest bands of all time.
  • As a Band Member, you’ll automatically be enrolled in every new course we release, saving you $20 per month compared to purchasing each course individually.
  • Get access to a community of fellow Beatles fans and guitar players to share your progress and passion with.

First payment prorated. Next payment: July 2, 2023

At The Beatles Guitar Project, our weekly livestream lessons allow you to interact with our instructors and professional 40 piece rock orchestra in a play-a-long environment, while learning from the most accurate Beatles arrangements available.

Join our Worldwide course for just $40 per month and gain access to weekly livestream lessons broadcast from our California Studios. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced students are welcome, and you don’t need a specific type of guitar – all you need is at least one electric or acoustic. Each week, you’ll have access to a new course with sheet music for three different Beatles songs, as well as play along videos and live stream lessons. Simply log into our website from any web browser around the world to start learning.

Attend practice sessions and learn with student examples live in front of you. Ask and get your questions answered at the end of the week in a live Q&A. Practice and perfect Beatles albums in their entirety! The Beatles Guitar Project Rock Orchestra is touring in your area soon! Depending on your location, students may be offered additional hybrid courses allowing them to join the orchestra on stage and perform in front of thousands.

Grab your guitar and sign up for our ongoing band membership today with The Beatles Guitar Project. Improve your skills and rock out with The Beatles like never before.

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